Mcdvoice : A Voice For The Customer

Hunger is an uncontrolled reflex, and McDonald’s makes sure they are present to cater to all your cravings. Want a double patty burger with extra cheese and cabbage tomatoes cucumbers squeezed in and add to it fries and a Diet Coke to make your stomach rumbles on the very sight of it, they got it covered. Whether late night cravings or a lazy Sunday afternoon meal, the options are available and you get to choose and mix and match various combos to best suit your hunger needs.

Some people think what’s so special about just a burger, but it’s so much more than that, your very first bite into it and you experience a whole blissful life-changing bite, a walk into a heaven we can say. McdVoice it crisp and crusty baked lathered with layers of cheese, mustard and ketchup, housing that slice of tomato, that leaf of lettuce, and the most euphoric piece of the patty that swirls around in your mouth gracefully giving you that undying feeling of satisfaction that overcomes us when we’re our happiest. Pair that with fries and a pickle, the most devilish pickle that tickles your taste buds with a feeling of intoxication, a high of a different breed, a Godly feeling, a way to connect with something higher than what we can only perceive and not feel.

With a wide range of combos available and variations which can be made to suit your choice, McDonald’s is one of the world’s leading fast-food company, with 37000 locations worldwide feeding 69 million customers daily in 100 plus countries. Burgers, French fries, milkshakes, wraps, soft drinks, desserts, smoothies, salads and various other food items to satisfy ones taste buds are served at all outlets. The famous happy meal that comes with the infamous happy meal toy inside it is one of the most quickly sold out items on the menu.

How does McDVoice help in maintaining the highest possible standards? 

McDonalds’ only wishes to provide the best possible service to its customers, and with mcdvoice they make sure everyone’s voice can be heard. Any and all suggestions put forward by the people are heard and actions are taken to ensure a satisfactory service is ensured every time. The feedback from the customers is an important aspect to run a business successful, for it the people who make it possible for a small scale restaurant to become a mega fast food conglomerate.

With a high level of competition all around in the present scenario, it becomes a key responsibility that all the feedback collected via the customer by mcdvoice survey is put into action and quality checks are put in place and maintained. A place where there is an open interaction between the seller and the buyer results in a healthy give and take relationship, one where both parties reap the benefits. McDVoice paves the path for that bridge between them.

Over The Top Content (OTT)

Over The Top Content refers to any content on the internet that bypasses the traditional medium. The reason for using OTT sometimes is because content generated there are usually cheaper to produce than if done through the conventional mediums. Here are some tips for you to follow when you want to purchase your smart TV.

Screen Size

The screen size is always a big consideration when you want to purchase a high performance television set like Smart TVs. You should consider the number of people that are going to be watching the TV and where you will place it. If it is a large family, choose the TV with the biggest screen that your budget can afford. This is typical between a range of 55 to 65 inches.

Therefore, it is advisable for you to choose a screen size that is appropriate for the distance at which you will be viewing it.

Screen Resolution

The sharpness of a TV’s picture quality is referred to as its resolution. The choice is usually between 4K and HD TV screens.

The most common screen resolution nowadays is full HD 1080p. However, 4K is gaining popularity so if you want to purchase a smart TV that will still be relevant in the future, go for one that has a 4K resolution.


This is a relatively new addition to television sets. It is a feature of the new 4K Ultra HD television sets. Its acronym means High Dynamic Range and it is so named because of its ability to provide increased screen brightness, more contrast levels and higher colour quality. It is an upgrade of 4K and Ultra HD resolutions. However, the set standard for TV HDR support has not been established. Therefore, it is not advisable to buy a Smart TV that operates solely with a HDR set, rather, go for one that is compatible with the Dolby Vision format.

HDMI And Other Connections

You should consider the number of HDMI input units the television set has. This is because most manufacturers have started to reduce the number of HDMI plugs they add to the backs of TVs.

Depending of what you use these ports for, they can be easily filled up. With just a sound bar, a game console and a Chromecast or Roku, you have already used up three HDMI ports.

If you are buying a 4K Ultra HD smart TV, ensure that the ports are compatible with HDMI 2.0. This is because this is the mode that most Ultra HD sources operate on.

There are a lot of smart TVs available today. Most of them are made by Sony Corporation and Vizio. They serve different functions but the best smart Television sets that will give you value for your money are.

Samsung UN48JU6500FXZA

This smart TV can work with 18 online applications and it has an Energy Star certification. It has a low refresh rate of 120 Hz but it makes up for this wth in-built WiFI abilities. Its screen is 48 inches and it has a smart rating of 98.08.

Samsung UN60JU6400F

It comes with a Smart Rating of 98.34. It has a high resolution 60 inch screen and it is relatively cheap for a television set of its size. With this energy efficient smart TV, you don’t have to worry about incurring additional costs when the electricity bill comes in.

Vizio M55-C2

With a 98.96 Smart Rating, this smart TV is compatible with a wide range of online applications that include Amazon on Demand, YouTube, Pandora, Vudu, iHeartRadio and Hulu. It is cheaper than other smart TVs of its size. The Vizio M55-C2 has a 55 inch screen.

Vizio M65-C1

The Vizio M65-C1 smart TV has an amazing colour scheme that features stellar contrasts and deep black characters. It has a 56 inch screen and a 4K Ultra HD display resolution. Although its in-built sound system leaves much to be desired and it features a soon to be outdated interface, this smart TV more than makes up for it by featuring an innovative remote control system and a fast WiFi system that is compatible with all the new modems. It has a Smart Rating of 99.07.


There are a lot of smart TVs available today


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