Enhance your Gaming Experience with PS4 Remote Play for iOS

The PS4 system has created an enhanced gaming experience for video game lovers many years ago. However, have you ever found yourself wishing that you could enjoy playing your favorite PS4 games on your iOS device as well? If you already own an iPhone or an iPad, then you know the pleasures of playing games on these devices. But can you combine your PS4 gaming experience with your iOS devices? Well, now you can! Download PS4 Remote Play for iOS and experience an enhanced, interactive gaming experience like never before!

The Requirements for Enjoying PS4 Remote Play for iOS:

  1. An iOS device like an iPhone or an iPad.
  2. PS4 system
  3. PS4 Remote Play
  4. Your PS4 should be connected to your internet via Ethernet. While this is not a compulsory option, it definitely makes your PS4 gaming experience much better as you have less lagging while gaming.
  5. A Mfi controller. This is also optional, as you will be able to use to control buttons on the screen of your iOS device to navigate through the game, but using a Mfi controller gives you a more enhanced experience of playing on your PS4 using your iOS device and PS4 Remote Play.
  6. A static IP address provided by your own Internet Service Provider. This too is optional, but is very useful if you want to play games when you are outside.
  7. R-Play app downloaded on your iOS device. This app has to be purchased from the App Store.

How can you Set up PS4 Remote Play for iOS?

Enjoy your immersive gaming experience with PS4 Remote Play for iOS.

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